Nothing in Life Ever Comes With a Free Lunch

San Diego, California, winter sunset.

No matter how you analyze people’s quality of life and state of affairs, everyone reaps what they sow 100% of the time. Not one bit of decision-making escapes the perfect accounting of consequences that the universe maintains.

God’s Law is like a mathematical formula. Each and every microscopic particle, thought, emotion, and action has some sort of weight—whether physical or metaphysical. There is no escaping the results of poor decisions, harmful actions toward others, etc. etc.

When you conquer problems and rise up out of a crisis, it is because you EARNED it in some way. There is no such thing as “luck” or unaccounted for coincidence. Everything under the sun happens because it’s supposed to, and is related to some other cause or effect.

The Hidden Hand

There seems to be a hidden hand controlling the chessboard of our lives. This hand is not the government, the global elite, or the banks, but the One who allows such institutions to function, whether they be just or not. 

Even when unfortunate happenstance knocks at your doorstep there is some connection even when you cannot connect the dots. If you don’t know why bad things are happening to you there some kind of debt being paid from something you did last week, something you did a year ago, or something from a previous life—no matter how long ago it had occurred.

There is wide speculation among spiritual enthusiasts that some unfavorable consequences bleed over from previous lives in order to teach us what we still haven’t learned. This allows us to make “correction” (Tikun). Once it’s done, however, it’s done. There’s no going back to revisit the suffering. Upon graduating from a given refinement we move to a higher level, which can also be considered a parallel universe if you prefer.

I am of the believe though that we can avoid unfavorable circumstances regardless of whether they occurred in a previous incarnate. By consciously facing the music and resisting our desire to receive without considering whether it hurts someone else, we can destroy or burn the etheric energy that plagues our soul.

Further, the issues have to be addressed. You must solve your problems. Every dilemma has a solution because everything happens for a reason. Therefore, there is never an excuse to accept failures, heartaches and less-than-ideal outcomes: OVERCOME THEM.

Achieve Goals Through Perseverance

No matter how clear your vision is to attain success in a given area (financial, relational, physical), you are bound to the laws of nature. A spiritual mechanism known as ‘friction’ occurs when you try to go against the current to accomplish something worthwhile. Your desire fuels the opposition to change the outcome.

The natural order of things usually take the path of least resistance. However, nothing is achieved without breaking through some sort of shell. You must either go against the current, or fail.

Life is like a downward escalator that you have to walk up. No matter how perfect your plan is, something will likely go wrong and you will have to deal with it. Therefore, adapt and overcome, deal with the challenge and press through!

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