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When Money is Lost: The Ability to Make it Again is All That Matters

This evening I got back home to Ramona, CA, after a Thursday night of hanging out at the Yellow Deli Café in Vista. I played my fife for a few hours down at the San Diego waterfront. To my surprise, my brown leather briefcase was missing from the trunk of my car where I always put it. I usually use the briefcase to collect donations when people appreciate my fife music.

Some Money Was Lost

I had around $100 in there from a typical 3 hour fife gig. The briefcase is gone—because I by accidentally left it on Hawthorn Street where I parked my car. Either someone turned it in to the police and found my business cards (with contact info) that where in the zipper pouch, or they just took the briefcase and stole the money.

Either way, it does not matter: my FIFE is with ME—secured safely in my backpack. When I realized this, I laughed and smirked with my typical tough and sarcastic grin.

My Ability to Make the Money Again is All That Matters

As long as my fife is still with me, the money-making device, I can just make all again tomorrow. A new day shall soon dawn on the horizon, and my skills in music through my ability to play woodwind instruments is an exceptional heavenly gift (not to brag, but I know I’m good).

I am not fretting over this whatsoever. It’s actually kind of funny. I am reminded of how life in the real world works. We are all human. We forget things. We work hard, and though hustle and bustle causes inevitable mistakes—all that matters is that we keep on going. Never give up. Adapt and overcome!

I play the fife on the side because I enjoy the entrepreneurial venture that I created out of it. I don’t have to play the fife, but I like to. As a capitalist, I enjoy earning the decent money that comes through my efforts of sharing my passion and gift of music with this world. People love to hear me play my flutes, and out of their own free will they donate money.

My Enthusiasm and Resilient Spirit

I makes LOTS of money and it’s a rewarding feeling. Thus, I have been playing the fife recently in between my hard work at home on the computer building my websites. As a web developer and entrepreneur, I am building my new company enterprise, NAWOICHIK CAPITAL VENTURES. My vision is to eventually make my full-time income from these ventures. I have been learning so much over the years about startups and making noble things happen that I care about—for the betterment of humanity.

All true business and authentic capitalism is about is serving people through products or services that bring them value. In exchange, they compensate the business with money. This is how the real world goes round.

When I got out of the Marine Corps in 2012 I started playing the fife in public in exchange for donations. It lead me to understand how valuable and precious my gift in music is, and not to take it for granted. I have played the fife on the side throughout the past few years as an excellent complement to my main focus.

I am a creative entrepreneur. I like to do accomplish goals myself without the slavery of rat race life. I don’t like working for someone else to fulfill their dream. I want to fulfill my own. I played the fife during my first year of law school in Boston, after class in the park. Not only was it restorative to my soul and enjoyable, but the substantial extra money was earned in a phenominally better way than how most college or graduate students have to work to survive. I’ll just be myself, thank you very much!


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