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The Light of the Creator Exists in Us Among Suffering

The Creator is the unconditional force of love and bestowal. From a scientific perspective, God is the Source of all life as we know it. Though death is presumed to be the other side of this coin, it has nothing to do with the Creator actually. Darkness is the polar opposite of light, and is therefore completely unrelated.

Why There is Suffering in This World

All suffering is mere disconnection from the Light of the Creator. Whenever matter is devoid of life-force there is decay and malfunction (i.e. a dead corpse). Although this is theological construct is from the wisdom of Kabbalah, it makes sense through practical application despite lacking scientific proof. One may ask, what is “life-force” and how can we measure it? It doesn’t really matter for our spiritual purpose.

Modern science can only explain so much in the bounds of physical three-dimensional reality. Concepts such as “love” and “hatred” can only be measured through biological degrees of brainwave activity or blood pressure; but their metaphysical existence is only subjectively understood.

From a pragmatic approach we can observe how we treat each other in the real world, whether at the individual level or massive geopolitical scale among nations. The Golden Rule always stands true in every human encounter, because it functions as Natural Law. Whenever we bless or help someone, they appreciate it in return. We receive blessing back in some fashion. Likewise, whenever we curse or bring harm to someone, it comes back upon us sooner or later.

Humanity’s suffering can be largely understood by observing the consequences of mistreatment toward others, as well as to ourselves. We love our neighbor as ourselves because we treat others with the measure of care that we want in return. Thus because we love ourselves, we owe a duty to love one another as similar humans with common desires.

Hence, when we care for each other and build strong relationships our lives work smoother and are more enjoyable. Choosing to build this fundamental connection creates peace, unity, and restoration for humanity as a whole. Each relationship that is built is yet another addition to the cohesive bond among the collective.

The Love of Friends

Love between friendships, families, coworkers, and partnerships are based on regard for mutual interests and common ground. We value each other because we benefit from what each person brings to the table. Thus, we love one another because the similarities we share as a common human race is recognized in each individual. We can see the spark of divinity in each other if we look hard enough.

Moreover, as love increases among a community of people suffering decreases due to mutual regard for each other’s needs and desires. As people become integrated in cohesion there is less loneliness and more understanding of each other as individuals. Although there is a collective, there is also individuality. The ideal social structure for community is interdependence among people who are otherwise independent, but want to live close by and interact out of free will.

Practical Ways to End Spiritual Suffering

In order to heal others you must start with yourself by obeying your conscience and living with righteous purpose. This brings restoration to yourself and positively affects those who you interact with. It always starts with yourself. Your success as a vessel of the Creator’s love is dependent on whether you are ready to receive it, and let it manifest in your life.

Living in the Light of the Creator brings financial abundance, health, inner peace, and deeper meaning for living life. When you ascend to this higher place it automatically rubs off on others. This is subtle energetic field is felt by those who are around you. Your better countenance, good character, and fruitful nature is attractive in every way.

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