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Gender is a Social Construct Amid Biological Fact

Many people claim that gender is a fixed phenomena that directly corresponds to one’s biological sex. However, from personal experience I am positive that gender is fluid apart from gonads and chromosomes.

I have experienced a gender awakening that I allowed to blossom after leaving the Marine Corps. I have always had a strong feminine side that I would only express alone, but recently began experimenting with it unleashed. I began growing my hair, wearing women’s garments on occasion, and even considered transgender procedures. Regardless of what I plan to do in the future I allow myself to be authentic and refuse to feel shame.

What drives me crazy is seeing people, mostly on the conservative right, arrogantly declare that we are all outrageous for claiming there are more than two genders. How do they know that what’s happening in our minds is lunacy of a mental condition. It’s not a mental disorder, it’s simply the way we were created.

Those who confidently claim that people who identify in a non-binary fashion are utterly foolish. It is mere ignorance to assert that another is wrong in her subjective experience if the claimant never sat in her shoes. No one knows what goes on in my head, how I feel and the gut sensations I have about my identity? Who are they to claim they understand that I am simply suffering from a mental condition and that I need consulting or de-conversion therapy? It’s no different from claiming you know what it feels like to be a cat, simply by observing your pet in the living room.

Evangelical and Conservative Community Bigotry

If there’s anything I cannot stand it is so-called conservatives or American constitutional advocates telling the transgender community it’s all in their heads. As if they have some moral godly right to preach political doctrine to dissuade and convince others why there are only two genders. As one who was born into fundamentalist Christianity, but no longer subscribes, I can attest that these people truly want to convince others of their philosophy.

Despite their often strong support for the Constitution and Bill of Rights concerning freedom of association and individual liberty, they continuously harp on the notion that transgender persons are somehow mentally ill and even dangerous to society. Truth is, fundamentalist Christians and Evangelicals are extremely dangerous to society.

Major contradictions exist among the Christian-right. Advocating for state intervention to prohibit gender choices concerning restrooms and identifying as one chooses violates the very tenets of Christian faith. The Bible teaches that one reaps what he sows, and that God allows natural consequences to our actions. If a person “sins,” it is because of free will—something that the Creator gave to us as a creature in His Image. Therefore, state intervention that imposes morality on the populous abridges the very Christian theology they so passionately claim to uphold.

That said, I am still a Christian, but not a fundamentalist. I would be considered among the ultra-orthodox and fundamentalists as a “liberal” or “backslidden” believer, maybe even an “apostate.” I don’t care. Their philosophy and theology for the most part is full of oppressive, man-made dogma that twists human nature into an authoritarian model under some tyrant god: not my God, but Satan. The embodiment of Satan whether one believes in the physical form or not is the ultimate dictator of top-down authority, turning the human being into a slave beginning in the mind.

When observing Christian, Islamic, Judaic, Buddhist, and Hindu religions, much of the doctrine teaches utter enslavement. A righteous, enlightened or consciously aware life to them is often one of diminished self. The ego is hated and the individual is reduced to want less. This lack of desire for greater fulfillment is a result of suppressing the inward nature to grow and increase. Rather, I am drawn to more of the Kabbalistic doctrine by the Dr. Michael Laitman, which is using the ego to bestow like the Creator, rather than stifling the very inherent nature that was designed in His Image.

Further, concerning freedom of choice and the transgender question, I strongly advocate for individual liberty regardless of moral, religious or political pressure. The state should not be involved in the business of healthcare, so taxpayers should not have to pay for abortions or transgender care if they don’t want. At the same time, religious people should keep quiet in the halls of government regarding the pushing of morality. They should preach their gospel for those who want to hear it, and only get involved in government for the protection of natural rights from our founding ideology.

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