The Dating and Relationship Disaster of 2018

The last few years of dating have seen a surge of convenience from dating apps, public outcry from rape and harassment awareness (i.e. Me Too movement), and austerity from ongoing economic hardship. These factors created a perfect storm for an illusioned, fearfully confused, and financially broke culture of young people who are trying desperately to have meaningful relationships amid the broken pieces.

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The Light of the Creator Exists in Us Among Suffering

The Creator is the unconditional force of love and bestowal. From a scientific perspective, God is the Source of all life as we know it. Though death is presumed to be the other side of this coin, it has nothing to do with the Creator actually. Darkness is the polar opposite of light, and is therefore completely unrelated.

Why There is Suffering in This World

All suffering is mere disconnection from the Light of the Creator. Whenever matter is devoid of life-force there is decay and malfunction (i.e. a dead corpse). Although this is theological construct is from the wisdom of Kabbalah, it makes sense through practical application despite lacking scientific proof. One may ask, what is “life-force” and how can we measure it? It doesn’t really matter for our spiritual purpose.

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Live Fearless: An Authentic Approach to Friend-Zone, Vulnerability and Breaking Up

The Internet is chalk-full of conflicting advice in a dating culture that did not have “relationship experts” just twenty-years ago. Back in 1998, there was no industry of coaches and counselors who offered paid sessions where to offer advice on your particular dating or relationship issue.

Just do a Google search for something like, “Tell her you like her over text,” and you will encounter a slew of GARBAGE. Fifty-percent of the results on the first page will list forums or blog posts on how it’s NOT a good idea—and the other fifty-percent will say the opposite. Who’s right? Who’s got the wisdom. Let’s delve into some REALITY and COMMON SENSE.

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