Overcoming Poverty and its Psychological Connection to Depression

During times when I had money in the bank I enjoyed an excellent quality of life with joy and contentment. However, whenever money was tight from paying off debt that I shouldn’t have gotten into, I was often miserable. Although money alone cannot make you happy, financial independence is a spiritual fruit of righteousness and virtue. Money is just the physical vehicle that represents our inward behavior. You cannot separate

Personal finance is intrinsically related to both physical and psychological wellbeing. It is a universal truth common among all humanity. As I look around the culture I see dismal people who are under the weather. Usually they don’t even know it, meaning they are so used to being broke with no money that a humdrum existence is sadly all they know. Truth is, financial instability will cause depression because every aspect of our lives requires money to not only thrive, but survive.

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Nothing in Life EVER Comes With a Free Lunch

San Diego, California, winter sunset.

No matter how you analyze people’s quality of life and state of affairs, everyone reaps what they sow 100% of the time. Not one bit of decision-making escapes the perfect accounting of consequences that the universe maintains.

God’s Law is like a mathematical formula. Each and every microscopic particle, thought, emotion, and action has some sort of weight—whether physical or metaphysical. There is no escaping the results of poor decisions, harmful actions toward others, etc. etc.

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The Dating and Relationship Disaster of 2018

The last few years of dating have seen a surge of convenience from dating apps, public outcry from rape and harassment awareness (i.e. Me Too movement), and austerity from ongoing economic hardship. These factors created a perfect storm for an illusioned, fearfully confused, and financially broke culture of young people who are trying desperately to have meaningful relationships amid the broken pieces.

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