Are Facebook’s Security Features a Little Too Much or is it Just Me?

I recently tried to change the email of an old deactivated Facebook account to use it on my present one. Halfway through the process I was automatically locked out and told that the device I was using was unrecognizable. To protect my safety, Facebook kicked me off. I was using the same MacBook Pro that I’ve used for years on that old account. Thus it made me go through the tediously annoying methods to get back in.

The one that really bugs me—and I’m sure many others—is the ‘identity friends’ feature where they show you various photos of ‘friends’ that you apparently should know. Well, if you have thousands of profile connections on Facebook, how are you supposed to remember these profiles personally?

I know Facebook’s Community Standards warrant that you should only make connections with people whom you know personally; but let’s get some perspective here—everyone knows this is not the case. Virtually everyone across the world realizes that most people build Facebook profiles with all kinds of connections relating to their hobbies and interests. It’s silly to assume that individuals will only construct connections with those from their family, neighborhood, work and other social circles.

Trying to fix my Facebook link

This all started when I attempted to update the social media links on my profile. There seems to be no way to change the permalinks of the social media platforms listed: Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. What it does, is link to the social media permalink of your email. For me, it was “cnawoichik”—the email associated with my old Facebook account that I deactivated years ago.

If anyone knows how to change the profile social links, please let me know. I spend time at the WordPress forums and also at Codex. An updated profile is important to me.

To fix this I logged into my old Facebook account to replace the ‘cnawoichik’ email with another—to then use the old email on my current Facebook account. That way, would link to my new account instead; but Facebook logged me out for safety reasons immediately upon making the change.

After being locked out, Facebook offered to let me return once I proved my identity to make things more SECURE. It gave me two options initially: (1) have ‘friends’ identify me after I contacted them through the window, or (2) have Facebook text me with an access code to the phone numbers I had on file. The only problems were, I couldn’t recognize the people listed, and I couldn’t use the two phone numbers because they were both previous numbers, which I have since changed.

After sifting through those two options and opening up the window again, after basically doing a round-robin—a third option surfaced. Upload a photo ID such as my driver’s license. I did, however it didn’t process through for some reason. The button didn’t work. I never got a confirmation saying to wait for them to review my submission.

This led me to search the numerous articles within their help section—a bundle of weeds if you asked me. I realize Facebook is hard-pressed to ensure security for users on their platform, but after trying to do simple tasks as described above—this is just ridiculous.

Further, after giving up for the day by convincing myself to be more productive in another way (this was a waist of time), I came back to Facebook the next day to try to log in. Mysteriously, I was able to access a new option window that allowed me to submit my government ID.

So I submitted my driver’s license and got a confirmation email saying that they will review my ID to confirm it is me. A day later they sent me another email saying that my identity was confirmed and that I could access my account. Thus a new window popped up telling me that they’d contact me.

After all this I was finally able to get into my account, change the email, and deactivate it—a process that should have only taken 5 minutes.

I am not the only one venting about my frustrations with Facebook. Many people remarked about the same issues, and it never seems to change. Thus I only use Facebook to connect with certain groups and individuals in the niches of my interests.

Featured Image: By Francimedia, from Wikimedia Commons

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