A Warm Welcome to My Readers

Welcome to my personal blog. I share insights and views from my life experience and individual perspectives. I teach wisdom and knowledge through my wholehearted desire for meaning and understanding, based on ideologies of how I interpret this world. All content I publish is rooted in principles that I recognize as objective truth, and thus adhere to internally.

On a lighter note, I also share everyday facts about my life journey that is humorous, fun, and nourishing to the soul. My aim is to enrich you with quality content that will bring you hope and make you inspired to live life to the fullest. My blog is a safe place and community of like-minded individuals to interact and share experiences. May this site be of great value to you. — Chris

Adventures of Chris Nawojczyk

Where I am From

I am originally from Massachusetts where I was born and raised. I grew up with an appreciation for American heritage and the ideals of individual liberty, personal sovereignty, and self-government. Upon serving in the US Marine Corps for six years (2006-2012) I developed an expanded view of how this world really works, with a deeper understanding of human nature.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Boston College, and completed one year of law school this far. I intend on finishing my JD for my own interest in constitutional law and American jurisprudence. I currently reside in Ramona, California, and am hard at work on many entrepreneurial ventures: (1) yoga and fitness, (2) liberty advocacy and political activism, (3) military fife and flute music, and (4) open source web development. My active sites are as follows:

  1. Yoga Volition
  2. California Open Source Agency
  3. California Fife Music
  4. Libre Development Agency


I grew up as a Christian. That said, I do not subscribe to manmade dogma or belief systems that have no evidence of divine inspiration—other than “that’s what the text says.” This is a tricky and deep topic, which I expound on further in many blog posts. However, I still refer to myself as a Christian. Yes, I am a follower of Jesus: the real Jesus, that is.

I enjoy a regular practice of yoga and meditation, in addition to traditional fitness and workout regimes. Yoga has a spiritual context that is interpreted differently by various individuals, depending on the tradition and background of the person’s path. I think God is Love, and this requires boundary lines within the context of objective Truth. Right and wrong exist within such a framework, unlike moral relativism—a view embraced by many atheists and others who disregard the notion of universal right and wrong behavior.

Without going too deep in this subject of morality and ethics, we’ll just leave it there. Explore my blog for more perspectives on the renown spiritual questions about that we have thought about, argued about, and been perplexed about since time immemorial.

Fun, Enjoyment, and the Lighter Side

I try not to take life too seriously. There’s a need to be morally good, but also to take in what this life has to offer. I believe we were created to enjoy life, which was meant to be very good indeed. We are responsible for our actions though. According to the principle of sowing and reaping, we bring on our consequences from decisions whether profitable or adverse. We are the captain that steers our own ship. Sometimes, however, we forget this simple fact. The beauty of not being a slave, of having a free will, is being able to call the shots without being subjected to the whims and prerogatives of other people. Be free—it’s your birthright!

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