Mission Statement

The mission of NAWOICHIK CAPITAL VENTURES (NCV) is to provide education and expert knowledge in the realms of entrepreneurship, leadership and business management; web development; American law and heritage; woodwind flute music; photography; health and fitness; philosophy; and science. Our website platforms are dedicated to disseminating free information to the public for the betterment of humankind.

About the Brand

The company was started by entrepreneur Christopher S. Nawoichik, a web developer, researcher, athlete, flautist, photographer, and law student. The brand serves a wide variety of subject matters, from teaching web development and open source technology, leadership skills, philosophy, photography, as well as entertainment via Chris Nawoichik’s fife music enterprise, NAWOICHIK FIFE MUSIC.

The above listed subject areas are not limited to NCV, but are merely current projects that Christopher Nawoichik is working on. More nichés or topic areas may be added from time to time, as Christopher sees fit. The content exists to serve your best interests and fuel your personal growth and development.

Further, for more individual perspectives on spirituality, philosophy and life experience—see the Chris’s personal journal, Christopher Nawoichik’s Blog.

Our Location

We are located in San Diego County, California. Christopher presently lives in Ramona, in the peaceful mountain region of East San Diego County. Although most of the website work is done in Ramona, much of Christopher’s work is conducted within Downtown San Diego.