Heeding ‘Just’ Intuition: Stop Listening to Relationship Gurus

Although taking wise advice from experienced teachers in the dating and relationship realm has benefits, it can also derail your true course. I, like most of you, have had relationships that were either positive or negative memories. As a heterosexual man I have had my past heartaches and lessons learned from various women. The key […]

Understanding the Creator by Observing Biologic and Cosmic Synchronicity

The Creator is the unconditional force of love and bestowal. Thus love and harmony cannot exist without synchronicity and interrelatedness. Because nature’s laws function according to mathematic and logic sequence, understanding God can be seen in the way our universe functions—in synchronicity with itself. Who and What is God? God is the name we use […]

Why I Get Up at 0445 Most Mornings

Getting up early in the morning has important benefits. A key feature is the realization that you are awake before everyone else, thus giving your productivity an edge. While they are all asleep, you are making things happen, sharpening your axe, and burning the lamp oil. Thus getting up super early affects both your overall […]