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I would like to offer a genuine greeting to my visitors and readers. This site is where I share my mind with the world. It serves as a personal journal and constructive place to vent, as I build an article repository of information. My name is Chris Nawojczyk. I enjoy writing about topics that I care about, to include philosophy, relationships, art, science and history. My other sites go into more specific detail on niche subjects, but this is my individual space. Please feel free to browse—and stay a while.

My desire to speak my mind is something unique which has attracted attention. I am not afraid to disagree with the status quo or go against the grain if I feel my advocacy serves the preservation of my ideologies and values. Many topics here are more personal, compared to my other websites that have niches specific to a given subject. Nevertheless, I will write about anything I want on here; after all it’s my blog—no social media tech giant shall silence me!

Anchored in Truth with Integrity

Christopher Stephen Nawojczyk

My soul is aflame with passion for life, the beauty of innocence, and the awesome power of excellence. My blog is where I journal for the betterment of humankind, not only because it brings me joy and healing, but because it helps others recognize the truth that they already know innately. I am not afraid to speak my mind in any area, and my ability to blog is a gift that I am thankful for each day. Individual expression brings restoration to my soul and life to my bones.

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Each day is a new miracle.

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